Electrical hazard and operability study (E-HAZOP) guidance notes

E-HAZOP - Guidance notes - Cover - 306x433With the global move towards automation and digitisation, the electrification of assets and systems is accelerating. As companies look for efficiencies and automation, the complexity and level of system dependencies and integration increase while the focus on safety, reliability and operability remains constant. The Electrical Hazard and Operability study, an extension of HAZOP studies Lloyd's Register offers, is hence beneficial to clients.

Building on Lloyd's Register's extensive experience and expertise in both the electrical and risk management domains, the Electrical Hazard and Operability Study Guidance Note provides guidance on evaluating electrical systems risk and operability issues due to human factors, maintenance, fire protection etc.

LR's E-HAZOP Guidance Note gives a framework for a structured and systematic examination of proposed or existing electric systems and/or operations to ensure potential hazards and operability issues are properly identified and evaluated.

The Electrical HAZOP Study Guidance Notes can be applied across the Energy industry, including:

  • Oil and gas, marine, renewables – Facility or asset development or modification where new digital and/or automated technologies are introduced
  • Power – Power grids, e.g. smart grids, micro-grids, energy storage systems
  • Infrastructure – Large buildings
  • Transportation - Electric or autonomous vehicles, electric charging systems

Recent project: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

We have recently delivered an E-HAZOP study for the University’s Power and Electronics and Grids Laboratory at the Energy Research Institute (ERI@N).

ERI@N Project Manager of the Power Electronic and Grids Lab, Ong Hueh Chuah, said, "The E-HAZOP workshop generated a lot of great ideas to reduce our operational risks and, as a result, significant recommendations were provided for the team members to improve system safety and reliability."

A number of other E-HAZOP studies are underway for large industrial clients.

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