Energy Resource Services

Low carbon power - Energy resource services - Solar panel - 306x459Our ERS team has worked on over 600 renewables projects across the global sector, with a combined total capacity of 33GW. Our expertise is focused on onshore wind, solar and offshore wind.

We can support you throughout the lifecycle of your project, from the strategic and development phases through to operation and maintenance.

Benefits of LR's Energy Resource Services

  • Evidence and quantify the value of the project for investors and banks
  • Reduce uncertainty, maximise confidence
  • Determine which technology will be most competitive and effective for specific site conditions
  • Identify opportunities to improve yield through site design
  • Create efficiencies by futureproofing design of measurement campaign
  • Quantify the yield impact of site-specific environmental characteristics
  • Understand historical performance of assets to inform future yields

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ERS - Onshore wind
ERS - Offshore wind
ERS - Solar