ECO notation

Demonstrating your commitment to going beyond statutory compliance
Our voluntary ECO Rules set standards for environmental ship design, construction and operation beyond statutory requirements. Your compliance with the Rules leads to the award of our ECO class notation, helping you demonstrate your extra commitment to environmental protection.
To help you maximise the environmental and operational benefits of the latest advances, we regularly update the Rules to reflect technological and legislative developments.

ECO notation at design

Your design’s compliance with the Rules leads to the award of our ECO notation, which uses supplementary characters to represent the ship’s different environmental features and credentials.

ECO notation at construction

Through construction survey we check that your vessel meets the ECO Rule requirements specified at the design stage and verify the award of the ECO notation and supplementary characters.

ECO notation in service

In service, we continue to verify your compliance with the ECO Rules through periodical surveys and audits, so you can maintain your ECO notation and have ongoing confidence in the environmental performance of your ship.
For vessels transferring to Lloyd’s Register class, we assess their environmental credentials to award the notation and relevant supplementary characters.

Evidence of environmental performance

The ECO notation publicly demonstrates your commitment to running an environmentally sound business.

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