Waste management

Most waste generated onboard a vessel can potentially harm the marine environment if discharged into the sea. The IMO’s MARPOL Convention regulates discharges of waste to sea from ships to minimise its negative impact in this regard.
Shipowners and operators have an obligation to comply with these regulations by managing their waste appropriately (such as oil, noxious liquid substances, harmful substances, sewage and garbage).   This can potentially be a challenging process which is why we can support our clients towards regulatory compliance, minimising costs and building reputational benefits through efficient and innovative waste management solutions.

Your challenge

We understand the challenges regarding waste management are different for each client. Some of the key challenges include:

  • Need to understand the impact of, and prepare for, regional and international regulatory compliance
  • Inefficiencies in current waste handling and processing
  • Increasing lifecycle costs of waste from supply to disposal onshore
  • Need to demonstrate corporate social responsibilities and manage stakeholder expectations.

Our capability

Our technical expertise ensures that waste management solutions are tailored to your ships’ operational requirements.   In addition, our depth of knowledge on the legislative and operational aspects of waste management, coupled with our classification and statutory expertise ensures we always add value as part of our approach.

Our solution

We can support your route to compliance and ensure solutions relating to waste generated onboard are appropriate and optimised based on your vessels’ normal operating conditions.   
Our support can include optimising the waste lifecycle as follows:
  • Procurement requirements
  • Supply of consumables
  • Reduction in waste
  • Recycling
  • Port waste reception facilities
In addition, we provide guidance on regulation, training, support in preparing suitable management plans and support in selecting the right waste management equipment; all of which help reduce your investment and compliance risks.