Fuel Management Toolkit

Fobas toolkitThe Fuel Management Toolkit has been developed to assist shipowners and operators with fuel management procedures such as quantity calculations, quality specifications, operational optimisation, energy consumption and emissions calculations.

A major feature of the Toolkit is the ‘Knowledge Base’, with detailed information on maritime fuels, the risks associated with fuel quality and preventive measures that can be taken to avoid damage to components of fuel management systems on ships. 

The Toolkit gives greater insight into the technical and commercial aspects of fuel management and is arranged in 6 sections:

  1. Quantity
    To calculate the quantity of fuel bunkered, based on the advised delivery data for density and temperature along with measured volume. 

  2. Quality
    This includes comparing marine fuel standard specifications, assessment of fuel quality parameters against specified limits and to calculate the expected fuel quality specification when different products are blended.

  3. Operations
    To calculate fuel ignition and combustion characteristics (Cetane Index & Calculated Carbon Aromaticity Index), injection temperature and temperature/ density converters.

  4. Energy
    Net and Gross Specific Energy calculators as well as an estimated cost/ 100MJ calculator

  5. Emissions
    Emissions calculator for SOx and CO2

  6. Knowledge Base
    A fuel property glossary including definitions, effect on different parts of fuel system, indications and recommended actions for all basic fuel parameters