Pre-bunker analysis

Protecting vessels against poor quality fuel before it arrives on-board.

The challenge

With the variability of global fuel quality it is important to avoid the cost of removing and replacing poor quality fuel once it is bunkered. Preventing this from being delivered on-board requires independent assessment of the fuel on the bunker barge prior to delivery. 

The solution

A pre-bunker analysis provides an independent assessment on the quality of the fuel on the barge before it arrives at the vessel. 

How pre-bunker analysis works

An independent surveyor takes representative samples from the barge tanks and sends them for testing in a local laboratory. The aim of a pre-bunker analysis is to have the completed analysis before the barge delivers to the vessel. This will enable the shipowner or operator to make an informed decision whether or not to accept the bunkers before they are supplied.

Key benefits

  • Independent assessment of fuel quality before bunkers are delivered.
  • Prevention of the delivery of a poor quality fuel on-board.
  • Pre-bunker analysis in all major ports, globally. 
  • Local facilities in key ports allowing fast turnaround of analysis.