Technical investigation & advice

Expert investigation and advice to identify and rectify the causes of component damage.

The challenge

Fuels can meet the requirements of the ISO8217 standard yet still cause catastrophic damage to a vessel’s fuel system because of contaminants in the fuel. If damage does occur as a result of burning such fuel then it is important to establish the cause and identify the contaminants in order to avoid any further damage.

The solution

LR’s experienced marine fuel consultants have a variety of analytical tools at their disposal to identify the root cause of the problem. If a supplier is determined as accountable then our experts can also support shipowners and operators in compiling a case against the fuel.

How technical investigation and advice works

Depending on the problems encountered by the vessel, samples are taken from various points along the vessel’s fuel transfer system. Advised by the marine fuel consultant, these samples can be taken either by the vessel crew or by an appointed independent surveyor.

The samples are submitted to the local laboratory where various analytical techniques and forensic tests can be used to identify contaminants in the fuel. These techniques include:

  • FT-IR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)
  • GC-MS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry) headspace
  • GC-MS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry) liquid injection

Either in isolation or as part of an investigation, we can also conduct:

  • Lube oil analysis
  • Hydraulic oil analysis
  • Grease analysis
  • Microbiological analysis

Our combination of experienced chemists using the latest test equipment and marine fuel consultants with in-depth, practical understanding of ship’s systems allows us to support and advise our clients in how best to proceed.

Key benefits

  • Independent investigation and assessment.
  • Complete marine testing service using the latest equipment and analytical techniques.
  • Successful identification of the cause of fuel related engine damage.
  • Experienced fuel consultant support and advice.