Bunker quantity survey

The challenge

Bunkers still represent the biggest single cost for ship owners and operators. Ensuring that you have received the correct quantity and quality of fuel that you are paying for is vital.

The solution

Our bunker quantity survey (BQS) service gives you this assurance. Our experienced bunker surveyors provide accurate and independent bunker inspection and measurement worldwide, for all types of marine fuel grades.

The features

A bunker quantity survey involves an approved surveyor taking measurements on board the delivery barge or at the shore tank and on the receiving vessel before and after transfer of oil takes place. 

  • The most detailed and comprehensive bunker quantity survey report in the industry.
  • Global coverage.
  • Access to all reports online. 
  • A high level of technical advice and guidance available 24/7.
  • Bunker fuel sampling and testing to accepted industry standards.
  • Alerts to ship management for any short loading before signing off.
The surveyor will check for any irregularities that occur during the bunkering including checking for any evidence of entrained air (the ‘cappuccino effect’) and will take a representative bunker drip sample of the fuel, in line with industry best practice. 
The surveyor’s measurements are used to determine the quantity of oil delivered. The quantity delivered from the barge/shore tank and received by the vessel should be the same. If there is any discrepancy, this can be highlighted and investigated at the time so that a claim can be made after the event. A detailed report is provided after each bunker quantity survey, which will also be available on our client web portal.