Guidance Notes for Risk Based Analysis: Cryogenic Spill

Lloyd's Register Energy - Guidance notes for risk based analysis cryogenic spills - Front cover - 177x250This is the latest offering in our Risk Based Analysis suite of Guidance Notes.

These guidance notes for risk based analysis of cryogenic spills provide a methodology to establish risk based cryogenic exposure based on a probabilistic approach (cryogenic risk). The methodology is applicable to any offshore unit where hydrocarbon and refrigerant cryogenic hazards are relevant, but includes special guidelines on how to include and handle leak scenarios specific to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plants.

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Our service associated with cryogenic spill analysis adapts to the client needs and selects the consequence tools most appropriate for different project phases (Concept, FEED, Detailed, Operational): integral methods, advanced 3D cryogenic consequence with numerical models (CFD, FEM) or hybrid approaches (mix of integral methods and advanced modelling).

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