Manufacturer Data Book Guidance

Eliminate confusion - document your project consistently

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The Manufacturer's Data Book (MDB) or manufacturing record book is a collection of drawings and verification documents showing that a piece of equipment complies with the end user's requirements and/or any regulations and standards. Sometimes running into thousands of pages, assembling the MDB from a variety of suppliers without a consistent method wastes a quality control department's valuable time.
Lloyd's Register has now produced a Manufacturer Data Book (MDB) Guidance and Template for the industry, providing an independent, third-party established minimum set of requirements for uniformity in any project's data book. The template uses common manufacturing steps as a template to assemble the documents, giving both end users and suppliers a common format, keeping all parties on the same page.

 Manufacturer Data Book Build-up Process

Our MDB Guidance and Template provide a consistent way to build up an asset's data book. The template can be used for the smallest piece of equipment to more demanding, complex projects.
Lloyd's Register has created a guidance document that explains how the template should be used, as well as the template. Both are provided to users free of charge to bring a level of consistency to the industry.


Companies are free to distribute the MDB template to their suppliers as instructions for how to assemble their respective portions of the data book. 
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