Naval services

Providing classification and consultancy services to the world's navies requires increasing levels of technical excellence to help ensure ships perform optimally.

To help meet these demands, we have developed Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Naval Ships. We have also produced Naval Survey Guidance for Steel Ships - an invaluable reference tool for surveyors, builders, repair yards, naval staff and others involved in the construction or maintenance of naval ships.

What services do we offer?

Our services for naval, military and auxiliary vessels start at the conceptual design stage of a newbuild project and extend to design approvals, classification rules and other prescribed requirements, such as safety and pollution.

During the design and build stages our technical advice services cover:

  • hull construction
  • machinery systems for propulsion and other essential services
  • piping systems for ship and machinery
  • steam raising plant and pressure vessels
  • electrical power generation and distribution systems
  • control, automation, alarm and safety systems.

What are the benefits?

You receive an in-depth service from multi-disciplined specialists.

We have dedicated teams for newbuild projects, and ensure that you have a single point of contact for problem solving.

We take a holistic approach to solving design and in-service problems and provide technical support and services from our worldwide network of offices.

How does Lloyd's Register help?

Support for military vessels
We provide a range of services tailored to military needs, including shock protection, whipping, fragmentation protection, and all compliance-related additional requirements.

Other services and solutions 
Class Direct: real-time access to survey status, requirements and postponements, history of ships and more. 

Advisory services: specialist support to navies on all technical areas, such as propeller optimisation, hull damages, ice strengthening and shock protection.