Nuclear engineering analysis

Our engineering dynamic consultancy services provide you with the assurance that your assets and components are running to their optimal performance.

306 x 172 - Nuclear power station - engineering dynamicsEngineering dynamics:

  • Fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Machinery dynamics
  • Structural dynamics
  • Noise and vibration trouble shooting and control¬†
  • Field measurement, testing and signal analysis
  • Fluid structure Interaction (FSI).

Consequence modelling / CFD

Our computational fluid dynamic (CFD) expertise was initiated in relation to research on rotor dynamic forces from internal flow passages in turbomachinery. The analysis of flow fields in rotating equipment remains a vital part of our CFD activities.

CFD calculations are performed on stationary and instationary flow fields of single and multiphase media. It has now become an integrated part of our consultancy services and includes:

  • Fluid dynamic analyses of internal flow passages in rotating equipment;
  • Optimisation of fans, impellers and associated flow passages;
  • Aero-acoustically induced noise and vibration in process piping;
  • Aero-acoustically induced noise and vibration in high speed trains;
  • Troubleshooting of flow induced noise and vibration problems
  • Fluid structure Interaction (FSI).