Nuclear safety assessment & licencing

Nuclear projects and assets are subject to regulatory control based on a licencing process. Lloyd’s Register provides a range of services to ensure your project secures and maintains a licence to operate. 

306 x 172 - Nuclear safety assessment & licencingProbabilistic Safety Assessment – Level 1, 2 and 3 

  • Internal events (transients and LOCAs)
  • Internal hazards (internal fire, flooding, turbine missiles etc.,)
  • External hazards (seismic, tsunami, high winds, aircraft crash etc.)

Deterministic analysis

  • Thermal hydraulic analysis
  • Containment integrity assessments
  • Fire modelling

Risk informed decision making and PSA applications

  • Utility applications (tech spec optimisation, maintenance optimisation, operational event analysis etc.,)
  • Regulatory applications (Planning and prioritisation of regulatory inspections, long term regulatory decisions etc.,)

Development and review of regulatory guidelines

  • Support to international organisations like IAEA, Swiss Federal Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate (ENSI), Swedish Nuclear Authority (SSN) etc.

Safety and licensing

  • Plant process technology
  • Development, update, review and training (Safety Analysis Report, technical specifications, emergency op. procedures, Severe Accident Management Guidelines (SAMG)