Offshore support vessel services

Providing you with design, construction and in-service support

Providing classification and value-added services to the offshore support vessel market requires increasing levels of technical excellence and customer service. We have strengthened our services in this area to give even better design and in-service support.

As a world leading classification society with over 250 years of experience, we publish requirements for the classification and certification of marine and industrial systems. We are at the forefront of ship and machinery design.

Benefit from our experience

Our classification services – from conceptual design support, through design appraisal, construction and in-service survey – continue to benefit the rapidly expanding offshore support vessel market worldwide.

We provide design support services for a number of different offshore service vessels, including platform supply vessels (PSV), anchor handling tug supply vessels (AHTS), multi-purpose support vessels (MPSVs) and offshore standby vessels.

We offer a class notation system which is tailored to meet industry needs, as well as complementary notations which describe the main features of your vessel.

New construction

New construction of offshore service vessels is a global business and we provide assistance to designers and shipyards worldwide, through our network of design support centres. These are strategically located in maritime areas and provide services ranging from initial design support on statutory and classification aspects to plan approval services.

Conversion of existing ships

Whether you are an owner, operator or designer, you can benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge of offshore supply ship conversions.

For minor conversions, such as installation of A-frames and cranes for subsea equipment handling, or installation of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) platforms, our dedicated team will work with you to help ensure timely completion is achieved.

For bigger and more complex conversions, we can help you optimise your design, as well as assist you with the statutory and class aspects that any major conversion project involves.

Our extensive experience of major projects includes conversions to seismic research vessels, special purpose vessels and cable and pipe layers.

Environmental protection

Current and future environmental legislation demands increasingly technical and innovative solutions. Our most comprehensive environmental analysis package includes oxide exhaust emission requirements and limitation of air and marine pollutants through an analysis of system provisions. Obviously, this also details requirements for the limitation of oil and sewage pollution as well as antifouling and ballast considerations.


Due to a growing need for the support of oil and gas exploration in colder climates, there is an increasing demand for offshore supply vessels with ice class and ice-breaking capabilities. Our extensive experience and involvement in Arctic maritime research puts us in a good position to help owners, operators and shipyards with ice class and winterisation issues and we have wellproven winterisation Rules.

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