Outsourced project management and execution for oil and gas

Our independent and impartial operation project management and delivery is managed with a full life cycle approach covering all aspects, from offshore well construction and abandonment to land drilling and onshore pipelines.

We can:

  • enable you to outsource your entire well operations and rig management needs
  • facilitate access to rig-slots - passing on the financial benefit of a longer term rig contract
  • help you to realise your strategic commitments and meet responsibilities to investors, partners and the government
  • design, manage and quality control core test programs on your behalf
  • evaluate well designs and advise on the development of cost-effective wells
  • help you achieve a higher quality end product and a safer and more efficient operating unit, on schedule and within budget

We also enable you to outsource your survey and site investigation management. Our survey, geoscience and geotechnical expertise provides an integrated full-service capability when you need it throughout the project life cycle. Extra resources can be added to accommodate active phases, and full continuity of project data is available using our Iris web-GIS (geographic information system).

Combined with our geological, reservoir and performance drilling expertise we can ensure valuable assets are fully optimised while minimising capital and operational expenditure.

Our breadth of services includes:

  • Exploration solutions
  • Production enhancement
  • Site and route survey and site investigation management
  • Well, completion and testing
  • Well operations performance management
  • Subsea wellhead and well engineering
  • Offshore pipeline and cable route engineering
  • Preliminary pipeline laying survey
  • Field development planning
    • cost engineering
    • planning
    • development of project execution plans
    • contracting and procurement strategy and systems
    • cost and evaluate well viability
    • risk management
  • Wells and rig contract and procurement
  • Drilling unit commissioning
  • Decommissioning survey management
  • Quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) management
  • Logistics and remote operations
  • Project services for planning costing and return evaluation
  • Project management - pipe-lay survey support, subsea construction and rock dumping
  • Project Management - wells, survey and engineering scopes
  • Provision of offshore client representatives


  • Confidence that your project is managed within the budget and time constraints
  • Control and reduce operating costs
  • Wells are abandoned safely and in compliance with legislative requirements
  • Equipment and systems are designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with the rules and regulations
  • Improved safety
  • Shortened commissioning periods
  • Enhanced understanding and knowledge derived from seabed and subsurface survey data at minimum costs and optimised schedule
  • Minimise capital and operational expenditure
  • Achieve a higher quality end product and a safer and more efficient operating unit, on schedule and within budget
  • Achievable desired return on investment