Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation, India

Petroleum & Explosive Safety Organisation (PESO) is a regulatory body in India to ensure safety related to manufacture, import, export, transport, possession, sale and use of Explosives, Petroleum products and compressed gases, by setting out standards like SMPV (U)1981 and Gas Cylinder Rules 2004 . We are approved by PESO under Rules 12(2), 18, 19 to carry out:

  • design approval;
  • stage wise inspection during fabrication /repair of unfired pressure vessel;
  • certification by engaging approved Competent Persons.

Lloyd’s Register is also approved to carry out periodic testing, certification of safety valves, relief valves , periodic inspection, testing and certification of pressure vessels in use.

We have much experience carrying out inspection and certification in accordance with PESO regulations and various construction Codes ASME, API, EN, IS etc., for several types of assets including:

  • Cryogenic tanks and vessels for stationary installations and transportable use;
  • LPG storage tanks , vessels, Horton spheres;
  • LNG storage tanks;
  • Safety and relief valves;
  • Chlorine transportation cylinders (chlorine tonners).