Power engineering for low carbon power

For over a decade, LR has worked on some of the most difficult grid connection issues, even when many of these were considered impossible. This ranges from high voltage transmission projects, through to low voltage distribution networks and the policies involved in connecting large scale micro-generation and distributed generation.

Due to the complex nature of electricity networks, each connection is unique. We support clients throughout the project development cycle and across all generation technologies, including solar, onshore and offshore wind, wave and tidal.

With a wealth of knowledge and an unrivalled pedigree, we ensure that clients maximise returns from their projects. We provide advice that is current and based on real scenarios through daily involvement in these projects and continuous contact with regulatory bodies, transmission and distribution companies, working groups and universities.

Our expertise includes:

Grid connection

  • High level and detailed system impact studies, defining connection route options, available capacity, fault level analysis and budge assessment for the connection.
  • Connection applications to the network operator, reviewing and negotiating connection offers with the network owner to achieve a cost effective and viable connection to the grid.

Electrical design

  • Front end electrical design, detail design, design of earthing and protection systems, design of control systems, design drawings and operational support documentation, and preparation of equipment specifications.

Grid Code Compliance

  • All necessary power system studies and evaluation undertaken as required by the Grid Code and driven by the project, and specification of cost effective solutions that ensure compliance of the project with the relevant code/regulations. This feeds directly into the design of the project.
  • In addition, grid code compliance assessment for generation equipment can be conducted on behalf of the equipment supplier.

Technical advisor/Owner’s Engineer

  • Act as owner’s engineer reviewing the detailed design, construction and commissioning carried out by the electrical contractor to ensure that it meets the owner’s requirements.
  • Monitor the progress of the project through design and construction ensuring that milestones are met.
  • Provide onsite support during construction and inspection of completed work

To speak with our experts, contact lowcarbon@lr.org.