Pressure Equipment Directive: News and Resources

Lloyd's Register is keeping you up to date on developments about the Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU). Here you'll find news and further resources about the PED. 


Your questions about the new Pressure Equipment Directive

Pressure Equipment Directive vs. Machinery Directive: Which and when to choose?

Revising the Pressure Equipment Directive: Why now, and what's changing?

The first deadline for the new PED: the CLP alignment


Lloyd's Register PED Category and Module Decision Flowchart poster

A visual representation of the Pressure Equipment Directive's applications and conformity assessment modules.

Lloyd's Register's PED Category Selection mobile app

Determine possible conformity assessment modules, personalized for your equipment.

The new Pressure Equipment Directive: A downloadable timeline

View the timeline of the transposition from 97/23/EC to 2014/68/EU.

Online quizzes: Test your PED knowledge

Under Pressure: How well do you know the PED?
The Pressure's On: What do you know about the new PED?

External Resources

PED 2014/68/EU: Text of the directive

PED Guidelines from the EC's Working Group 'Pressure'

A guide from the European Commission about the implementation of EC Directives, including the PED.