What is the Pressure Equipment Directive?

The PED has a wide scope, covering the design, manufacture and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and assemblies with a maximum allowable pressure PS greater than 0.5 bar (g). Pressure equipment is defined as:
  • Vessels
  • Piping
  • Pressure accessories
  • Safety accessories
There are exceptions; these are laid out in Article 1.2 of the PED. You can read the entire directive here.
Pressure equipment exceeding a certain risk threshold must meet the essential safety requirements set out in Annex I of the PED. Depending upon the type of equipment - its pressure rating, volume or nominal size and fluid content, manufacturers may select from a range of conformity assessment modules, which include:
  • Manufacturers self-certification
  • Third-party type examination or design examination
  • Third-party inspection
  • Quality management system certification
The risk category for your type of pressure equipment is set out in Annex II of the PED. Only lower-risk equipment may be subject to manufacturers self-certification. Most pressure equipment must be certified by a notified body, such as Lloyd's Register (Notified Body no. 0038).