Project design for wind energy

Understanding and mapping the physical, geological, technical and operational aspects of your project from the initial stages helps you design for success.

We help you ensure you are taking the right steps from the very beginning with a range of design advisory services.

Structural dynamics

We have a long tradition of helping clients to solve structural analysis problems using both analytical and experimental capabilities. In this way, we minimise costs, reduce risk and improve performance across diverse industries.

We base our services on practical experience from site work, ranging from surveys to large scale data acquisition. Our measurement capabilities range from the very special, such as underwater telemetry and modal analysis of offshore structures, to standardised measurements in relation to regulations.

Human factors and work environment

A range of services to optimse the application of psychology, physiology, anthropometrics and biomechanics in design to enhance health, safety, usability, performance, and user experience.

Working environment analyses evaluate the arrangement, ergonomics, chemical, physical, and psycho-social factors in a workplace, and compare the results against established occupational health policies, standards and procedures.

Electrical grid connection

Our specialist teams (including our subsidiary, LR Senergy) have assisted clients to connect generation projects by providing expert advice on all aspects of electrical networks, from initial feasibility studies and connection agreements to project design, project management and advice on the regulatory challenges.

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HSE and risk management

We apply both qualitative and advanced quantitative tools for consequence modelling enabling our clients to identify and mitigate installation and operational risks. We have been engaged in some of the milestone offshore wind projects in European waters with particular focus on personnel safety and risk management during installation and operation: 

  • Safety management systems audit & support
  • Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis
  • Marine operation risk analysis
  • Emergency preparedness and continuity

Flow dynamicsPower - Renewables - Project design - CFD model of a tidal turbine array - 306x172

  • Single array performance prediction
  • Double arrays: Prediction of wind shadow and wake interaction
  • Multiple arrays: Optimisation of array efficiency for main wind direction

Noise and vibration, rotor and fluid dynamics

  • Rotor blade modal analysis: Natural frequencies, damping, mode shapes
  • Modal analysis of WTG structure – fundamental, global modes and locale modes
  • Prediction, analysis and measurement of:
    • Structural dynamics
    • Rotordynamics of drive-train
    • Fluid dynamics, local and global
  • Noise path analysis – air-borne and structure-borne noise transmission from machinery to exterior
  • Environmental noise assessments – site simulation of noise impact, including complex terrain sites
  • Underwater noise prediction for construction
  • Underwater noise mitigation advice
  • Low-frequency noise assessments