Reservoir services

Our team of geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers and subsurface specialists have experience and skills that span the full asset life cycle, from exploration to late field life management, as well as the related areas of unconventionals and CCS (carbon capture and storage).

Our strength and depth of capability allows us to bring a wealth of basin and reservoir knowledge to address your challenges, from exploration and field development optimisation to asset evaluations for acquisition and divestment strategies.

Our key capabilities include:

  • Exploration
    • Play fairway mapping (utilised in the generation of the respected Ternan Reports)
    • Prospect generation and risking - the breadth of skills available gives the capability to generate the prospects from primary data
    • Basin modelling - evaluation of burial history and maturity data to build predictive models of hydrocarbon generation and migration
  • Field Development and Management
    • Integrated reservoir description utilising all available data (seismic, well logs and sample analysis)
    • The development of petrophysical models for input to the wider subsurface modelling
    • Generation of a field development plan (FDP)
    • Resource uncertainty analysis and contingency planning
    • Completion optimisation
  • Production and recovery enhancement
    • Screening and simulation modelling of increased oil recovery (IOR)/enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • Formation damage/production optimisation
    • Wellscope™ – patented process using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to model reservoir and well performance
  • Core analysis – specialist supervision, design, QA/QC and interpretation
    • Design of the analysis program and detailed quality control of the results provided covering all aspects of core analysis - routine core analysis (RCA), special core analysis (SCAL), EOR SCAL
  • Geomechanics
    • LR have a team of geomechanics specialists that can provide the full range of geomechanical evaluation including:
      • 3D/4D geomechanical models allowing prediction of
        • Cap rock integrity
        • Sand failure prediction
        • Hydraulic fracture modelling
      • Supervision of rock mechanics testing
      • Pore pressure and fracture gradient prediction
  • CCS
    • Regional evaluation and identification of potential storage sites
    • Ranking of potential storage sites
    •   Dynamic simulation of site performance and pressure history coupled reservoir simulation and geomechanics model
  • Technical commercial services
    • Resource estimates
    • Acquisition and divestment support
    • Portfolio valuation
    • Unitisation
    • Contingent resource assessment
    • Reserves assessment
    • Competent person report
    • Due diligence
    • Expert witness


  • Minimise drilling capital expenditure (CAPEX)
  • Manage potential sand production
  • Avoidance of formation damage during drilling, completion, stimulation, workover, production and injection
  • Extend the productive life of oil and gas wells
  • Optimise completion design
  • Maintain the value of the investment

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