Rig assurance

Our land and offshore rig assurance services help you to avoid your drilling operations being interrupted by the malfunction of equipment, controls and systems and prevent costly non-productive time (NPT). We do this by reducing equipment failures, minimising downtime, preventing unnecessary delays before mobilising rigs. We also increase savings by reducing inspection costs by up to 50% and improve the reliability, safety and environmental impacts of drilling programs.

Our rig assurance services can be applied to new-built, established and refurbished land and offshore rigs and cover capital and safety critical drilling equipment, mud systems, blow out preventers (BOP) and well control equipment, electrical equipment and systems, power plant, safety equipment and the maintenance and spare parts system.

Our services include:

  • Land and offshore rig integrity services
  • Critical equipment survey
  • Dynamic positioning and power management
  • Full rig condition survey
  • Drilling hazard assessment


  • Reduce NPT
  • Enhance competence in drilling personnel
  • Improve drilling safety
  • Optimise rig efficiency
  • In-depth indication of the technical state of drilling rig hire
  • Ensure the operational integrity and reliability
  • Prevent unnecessary delays before mobilising rigs
  • Understand rig suitability for pre-bid/pre-hire criteria
  • Demonstrate asset condition to potential financiers/investors
  • Efficient periodic rig health checks