Rig intake Services

Whether you’re looking to contract a new build rig, a ‘hot’ rig or a non-operational rig that requires reactivation, we can help you successfully and cost effectively tender, select and accept a rig onto contract.

Depending on the status of the rig, as experts in asset, operational integrity and well operations we can help you avoid costly project delays, operational downtime, safety risks and significant cost implications.

We’ve supported over 500 clients, intake 15,000 rigs, through the implementation of our proven rig intake process.

Rig intake services - Rig tender

Rig Tender

  • Tender criteria including regulatory compliance
  • Tender evaluation
Rig intake services - Rig selection

Rig Selection

  • Rig selection survey
  • Rig evaluation/ranking
  • Review of management systems, including health, safety and environmental
  • Review of crew competency
Rig intake services - Contract award

Contract Award

  • Define rig intake and rig acceptance process
  • Agree rig acceptance criteria
Rig intake services - Rig intake process

Rig Intake Process

  • Rig equipment and system condition
  • Mooring, positioning and marine systems including DP (dynamic positioning)
  • BOP (blow-out preventer) compatibility and shear verification
  • Automated and integrated control system verification
  • Validate management systems including health, safety and environmental
  • Validate crew competency
Rig intake services - Rig acceptance

Rig Acceptance

  • Rig equipment and systems acceptance testing
  • Dynamic positioning acceptance testing
  • Deployment of BOP and testing

Rig inspection

Our land and offshore rig inspection services prevent drilling operations being interrupted by equipment malfunction and prevent non-productive time.