Ferry and ropax services

Helping you design, build and operate safer, more sustainable ferries

As a ferry owner or operator, you face numerous choices about the design and operation of your ship.

At Lloyd’s Register, we see the bigger picture. We can help you assess all your options and their associated risks, to provide you with innovative, cost-effective solutions that meet your operational needs and fulfil regulatory requirements.

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Your ferry classification expert

Our ropax and cruise-ferry classification services help owners and operators improve safety and environmental performance at every stage of the ship lifecycle.

Achieving your goals with a risk-based approach

The combination of goal-based requirements and today’s novel ferry designs is creating a more complex ferry industry. All stakeholders need to do more than ever before to ensure a new ship operates safely and efficiently. We can help you understand and address all the risks associated with your project, so that you can optimise performance and achieve your goals.

Finding the right fuel solution for you

Stricter exhaust emission limits and fuel price and availability mean that you need to carefully consider your options. We can help you understand what arrangement will suit your ship’s operating profile best, to find the right fuel solution for you.

Environmental solutions

We combine a unique understanding of the maritime industry with specialist expertise in environmental and energy efficiency solutions. This means we can better understand the challenges you face and help you find the best solutions for your business.