Construction & Classification of Submersibles & Diving Systems

Oil and gas - Rules for submersibles and diving systems - viewing bubble - 306x172

The Rules, which set appropriate Classification standards for design, construction and lifetime maintenance, have been updated to reflect current industry best practice and cover the following unit types:

  • Dive complexes (habitats, dive bells etc.)
  • Manned submersibles
  • Dive suits
  • Deck compression and decompression chambers
  • Hyperbaric rescue and transfer systems

The new rules include sections on:

  1. Regulations (& survey requirements)
  2. Lloyd's Register rules for manufacture, testing and certification of materials (a separate document)
  3. Pressure chambers
  4. Exostructure, stability and corrosion control
  5. Main and auxiliary machinery, systems and equipment
  6. Electrical installations, control and fire protection, detection and extinction
  7. Hyperbaric rescue facilities

Download the Rules for the Construction and Classification of Submersibles and Diving Systems 2017