Cyber secure for marine

Cyber shipping has arrived, and is set to change the industry. At LR, we’re helping clients around the world to assess the technology, decide on the level of digitisation that’s right for them, then deploy data streaming and other cyber systems safely, effectively and profitably.
The cyber security landscape is constantly changing, as new threats and countermeasures emerge, and the regulatory framework is adjusted to reflect
current and future needs. Our services are evolving in line with developments, to ensure our provision remains consistently relevant, robust and up to date.
We believe the best way to secure the future for our client, and our industry is to take responsibility and shape it ourselves. Through our Global Technology Centres and our collaboration with QinetiQ, we have developed a unique, world-class approach to providing cyber security services. We’re at the forefront of developing new services, technologies and thinking to balance these demanding ideals with robustness and commercial reality.

Our services:

  • Awareness training
  • Readiness-to-comply review
  • Gap analysis
  • Cyber security roadmap
  • Tailored management plan
  • Cyber security health check
  • Cyber security specification development

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Cyber technology for marine

LR offers a range of services to help you make cyber capability part of business usual; offering huge opportunities for improving performance and efficiency.