Ship emergency response service (SERS)

In response to the needs of ship operators who had experienced unexpected incidents, SERS was established by LR over 30 years ago: the first Class society to do so and before legislation. Operators’ in house capabilities were strained and expert technical support was needed to help manage risk levels.

Some 2,000 responses later, SERS has evolved to provide the most mature support available and we continue to lead the field. Of the ships we support, over one third is non-LR.

Collaborating closely with your ship and shore personnel, SERS is your ideal personal service. Continually innovating and learning from our support to operators of all ship types worldwide, our unrivalled experience enables us to maintain the highest levels of readiness. We provide independent, proactive advice, giving you confidence to make the correct decisions in good time.

The needs of ship operators from the 1980’s continue today for all ship types, over and above legislation. In order to manage casualty risks most efficiently, it makes good business sense to share the highest standards of readiness available by subscription now, rather than realising the need when it could be too late.

Benefits of choosing SERS

  • Rapid access to expert advice from the world’s most experienced provider, 24/7.
  • Confidence to make decisions on the best course of action to minimise the impact of a casualty.
  • Demonstrates commitment to safety and the environment, and provides confidence in your contingency planning.
  • Exceeds all legislative requirements and guidelines.
  • Recognition by all national and local maritime authorities.