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Salvors engage in marine casualty response situations, encouraged by the prospect of an appropriate award to intervene in any casualty to salvage the ship and property, to save life and prevent pollution. SERS provides independent consultancy to help our clients keep risks to a minimum. Any profit is put back into LR and is used by the LR Foundation.

A detailed, accurate and verified model is essential for rapid emergency response to minimise the impact of any accident, yet salvors are unlikely to have a pre-prepared model of the ship. This is where SERS provides a critical advantage. More information on this is given under the USCG NTVRP requirements, where the same principles apply.

Frequently, the SERS team will check the salvor’s calculations to help them formulate an appropriate salvage plan, with the client's approval. This benefits the client, since the salvage plan is created more quickly and is checked by independent experts.

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In addition, SERS has given support in many cases where the need for salvors was avoided.

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