Solutions to the challenges of a ship casualty

There are many challenges to be faced in the event of a ship casualty. Based on our 30 years' experience, SERS provides robust solutions to such challenges.

Rapid, reliable response

Preparation is the core of our service, and enrolment with SERS ensures that vital support is only a phone call away. Having responded to 2,000 activations, our experienced teams of mariners, naval architects and specialists can be relied on to respond rapidly, so that technical calculations and support can begin within minutes.

Constant availability

With SERS, there are always two fully trained, experienced teams on call, so you can be sure of round-the-clock access to our expertise.

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Effective communications and information exchange

When activated, the SERS team sets up a link with ship and/or shore personnel via phone and web to enable close collaboration. Other parties can be included with the client's permission.

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Quality-tested models ready to use

If there is no model prepared in advance, this can cause serious delays and increase risks. As a vital part of enrolment in the service, we produce detailed, quality-assured computer models of each ship, allowing us to instantly commence accurate calculations if there is a casualty.

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Expert software and operators

Our dedicated software allows rapid and sophisticated analysis of any casualty for any ship type, and reporting of casualty conditions. Each team has a specialist software operator, highly trained in ship model production and casualty simulation.

Accurate simulations

SERS - Simulations and video screen analysis - 663x197

The training and experience of our team means that, however complex the scenario, the situation is modelled correctly to enable assessment, reporting and optimum solutions. This provides confidence and reduces the risk of errors.

Technical assessment and problem solving

The SERS team is proactive in thoroughly assessing technical issues to find the best solutions. During the initial urgent phase, these issues include:

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  • Residual longitudinal strength
  • Oil outflow and flooding
  • Intact and damaged stability, intermediate stages
  • Floatability
  • Grounding forces
  • Effects of time, tide, weather and sea

Once these immediate issues have been dealt with and the situation stabilised, we move into the recovery phase, aiming to get the ship back into service as soon as possible.

SERS - Video screens - Recovery phase - 663x187

Response continuity for prolonged periods

We provide a continuous response up to several days for the urgent phase, and weeks for the recovery phase, as needed. The size of our team means we can respond continually for indefinite periods.

Confident, informed decisions

Whatever type of situation you might find yourself in, we have the experience to handle it. We model the situation, seek to understand your concerns and give the support needed to help you make the right decisions.

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