Hull Renovation Scheme

Enhancing the condition of older vessels

If you have an older vessel, charterers will want to know that it is structurally sound, and will usually require verification of its condition.
Lloyd’s Register’s Hull Renovation Scheme (HRS) is a comprehensive hull assessment, renovation and certification service which helps you to enhance the condition of your hull, making it comparable to ships of lesser age. By completing the scheme, you can demonstrate to charterers that your hull meets our rigorous quality and safety standards.

What does HRS involve?

When you enrol with our hull renovation scheme (HRS), our surveyors examine classification records and conduct a full inspection of your ship’s structure, compiling a comprehensive report on its condition.
This enables them to make recommendations on any renovations and repairs that will be necessary to meet the requirements of the scheme. Where deficiencies are identified, our surveyors work closely with you to help you reach an informed decision about the next steps to take.
The HRS process is customised according to your particular needs, but is typically comprised of the following elements:

– a preliminary assessment survey to establish the basic feasibility of  renovation
– an optional reassessment of scantlings to current Lloyd’s Register Rules
– a full assessment study to enable the full extent of necessary renewals to be assessed
– a renovation survey to ensure satisfactory completion of the scheme.

The process usually involves:

– structural assessment of the complete hull, including the internal structure of all cargo tanks/holds, ballast tanks, machinery compartments and void spaces
– thickness measurements of the deck and hull, all primary structure and representative secondary and tertiary structure in the examined spaces
– assessment of the thickness measurements and deficiencies against a closely defined level above the classification levels for steelrenewal.

T he scheme is suitable for all types and  sizes of commercial ship, whatever their  age.
Surveys are conducted and reports compiled by senior ship surveyors who are specialists in hull condition assessment and renovation. They can be deployed to your ship wherever it is in the world.

Two levels of renovation

The extent of renovation varies with each ship, depending on both the initial condition of the ship and the level of renovation desired. HRS features two levels of renovation:
Level 1SS – the renovated hull is considered to be in a condition comparable to that of a typical ship at first special survey (5 years of age).
Level 2SS – the renovated hull is considered to be in a condition comparable to that of a typical ship at second special survey (10 years of age).


Upon completion of the scheme, we issue a Certificate of Hull Renovation, providing you with formal recognition of your ship’s condition.
This can give you a distinct advantage in the competitive market of chartering, where ship condition, quality and reliability are all of paramount importance.

Long-term benefits

HRS gives you assurance that your ship’s hull has been surveyed and renovated according to strict standards of quality and safety – an assurance that can translate to improved charter potential, reduced through-life maintenance costs and insurance premiums, longer ship life and enhanced resale value. It could also help you to avoid port entry restrictions that apply more particularly to older ships.
We provide a range of supporting services and can tailor a solution whatever your individual needs, helping you to achieve your business objectives and maximise the availability and value of your assets.

The benefits of HRS

– Helps you to demonstrate that your hull meets Lloyd’s Register’s rigorous safety and quality standards.
– Provides independent certification of your ship’s condition, which can improve the potential for chartering.
– Can help to reduce through-life maintenance costs and insurance premiums, and increase resale value.
– May help you to avoid port entry restrictions that apply to older ships.

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