Ship recycling consultancy

The International Chamber of Shipping’s second edition of its Transitional Measures provides the shipping industry with best practice guidance to minimise potential problems before ship recycling legislation enters into force. Backed by 35 shipowners’ associations and other key stakeholders this publication encourage shipowners not only to identify an acceptable recycling facility but also to obtain some guarantee that the facility is competent and able to handle vessels in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

Your challenge

As part of your company’s commitment to sustainability you need to follow best practice, attain independent assurance that agreed standards are upheld and regulatory requirements have been met, thereby avoiding potential liabilities and adverse publicity at the end of your ship’s life.

Our capability

We have in-depth knowledge of recycling legislation, standards and practices through our work at IMO, ISO, IACS and ISRA. We represent IACS on Ship Recycling legislation at the IMO, and have recently made significant and ongoing contributions to the EU Regulation.

With more than 15 years of experience working on actual recycling projects in China and Turkey, and a proven track record providing comprehensive SRFP, ISRA membership and ISO 30000 assessments and certification, our ship recycling services are unrivalled and offer peace of mind to shipowners, operators, reputable recycling facilities and to their clients. 

Our solutions

Our bespoke consultancy services have been provided for the most sensitive and well-publicised ship recycling projects in recent memory. Our unique LR and LRQA Audit During Recycling service assures that all applicable national and international standards are met, including the downstream handling of hazardous waste. Furthermore, we can apply our expertise to support you with all aspects of the Transitional Measures, including Final Survey in accordance with the Hong Kong Convention, Ship Recycling Plan approval and review of the Ship Recycling Facility Plan, helping further promote your commitment to sustainability.