Hazardous Materials experts

Both IMO and EU recommend owners work with Hazardous Materials experts to compile the Inventory of Hazardous Materials. MEPC.269(68) describe in detail the process of using such an expert. This process is summarised in the figure below.


The guidelines state, the compilation of the IHM "should be carried out by the shipowner, who may draw upon expert assistance. Such an expert or expert party should not be the same person or organisation authorised by the Administration to approve the Inventory" [MEPC.269(68) section 4.2.3]. Furthermore, in order to "avoid dispute … [specific testing for hazardous materials should be] carried out by a suitably accredited laboratory, working to international standards [for example ISO 17025] or equivalent" [MEPC.269(68) section 4.2.10]

Your challenge

As a shipowner: you want to draw upon expert assistance to compile the Inventory of Hazardous Materials, in particular to sample unknown materials to add confidence and accuracy to the Inventory, prior to independent verification. 

As a shipbuilder or shipowner:  you may be seeking assurance that materials being used on your vessel are asbestos free, as required by SOLAS regulation II-1/3-5.

As a Hazardous Material expert: you may be looking for approval of your company’s documentation, procedures and operations to help you to differentiate yourself from other ‘hazardous materials experts’ who’s working practices and standards fail to meet recognized national and international standards.

Our capability

LR is pleased to offer independent approval of companies who provide shipbuilders, shipowners, and other stakeholders with IHM compilation and hazardous materials sampling / testing services. Our Marine Surveyors have an extensive range of experience approving company procedures according to national and international operating standards and to date we have checked and approved the procedures and operations of 16 Hazardous Material expert companies.

Our solution 

LR's approval detailed in our Approved Service Supplier Procedure covers:

  • review of company certification, documentation, procedures, personnel, marine experience, and equipment & laboratory facilities against recognised national and international standards
  • company ability to sample, test and report on materials within a ship's structure and equipment that contain asbestos, ozone depleting substances (ODS), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), and TBT paints

Successful approval means we can recommend the company to our clients, and means the company can use our Approved Service Supplier logo on their promotional material.