Services for ship recycling facilities

The Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, 2009, (the Convention) aims to effectively address the environmental, occupational, health, and safety risks related to ship recycling by establishing controls on ship recycling facilities. In preparation for the Convention entry into force a number of facilities have now had their Ship Recycling Facility Plans independently assessed and have received Statements of Compliance against IMO guidelines.

In addition to the Convention, the European Union Ship Recycling Regulation No.1257/2013 (the Regulation) requires that European ship owners ensure their ships are only recycled in facilities included in a list published by the EU. This ‘EU List’ will include facilities located in the EU and outside the EU. Any recycling facilities located outside the EU and intending to recycle ships flying the flag of EU Member States, will need an SRFP approved and certified in accordance with regulations 18-23 of the Convention and Article 13 of the Regulation.

Your challenge

As a recycler with a commitment to sustainable green ship recycling you want independent and reputable certification in order to:

  • Differentiate yourself from the many ‘accredited’ facilities whose working practices and standards fail to meet recognised national and international standards.
  • Become an authorised recycling facility in compliance with the Hong Kong Convention
  • Apply for membership of the ‘EU List’ in accordance with the EU Ship Recycling Regulation

Our capability

LR is committed to supporting and actively promoting safe and environmentally sound ship recycling. Our comprehensive recycling facility assessment services are only available to responsible recyclers, in order to further improve standards globally.

LR is an Associate Member of ISRA (the International Ship Recycling Association) and has been actively working on ship recycling projects in China and Turkey since the 1990s. We invest in sustainable ship recycling projects, working in partnership with shipowners, recycling facilities, universities and government agencies, and were instrumental in the development of the ISO 30000 management system standard for ship recycling. 

Our solutions

Dozens of ‘beaching facilities’ have some form of certification, implying they meet acceptable standards – proof if ever it was needed that reputable accreditation is paramount. As part of our Ship Recycling accreditation services we want to help you stand out from the crowd and help you to give shipowners full confidence that their ships are being recycled in compliance with the law. 

As a responsible recycler with a commitment to sustainable green ship recycling we can offer you a tailor made service including:

  • Detailed desk-top reviews of your ship recycling facility plan
  • Site inspections to verify your operations satisfy all necessary requirements 
  • LRQA certification services, against a range of international legislation and standards (including Hong Kong Convention and EU Regulation and Category ‘A’ ISRA membership).