Site assurance for oil and gas

Our offshore site assurance services provide you with insight on all the potential hazards and engineering challenges to give you confidence that your oil and gas exploration activities will be a success. We use survey data to derive knowledge from the seabed and subsurface to inform structure foundations, pipeline and cable routing and trenching, as well as providing survey quality assurance and quality control to help mitigate risk, reduce uncertainties and optimise operational efficiency.

To capture and manage offshore construction, survey and inspection data in the most reliable and efficient way, we use Iris, our project support and data management tool focused on offshore field developments.

Our services include:

  • Survey data processing and analysis
  • Geophysical survey and geotechnical desk studies
  • Offshore survey and site investigation project management


  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Reduce uncertainties
  • Rapid deployment to maximise availability and resources
  • Improved cost control