Sub-surface solutions for confident decision making

IC™ is a powerful tool used to store and visualise well data. It is a simple but powerful data integration and data management platform. IC™ is designed for Geologists, Data Managers, Petrophysicists, and Engineers who are tasked with taking control of the integration and interpretation of well data. IC™ is highly collaborative; it allows users to make the most of the data available enabling insightful discussions and informed decision making throughout the entire life cycle of an asset.

Our platform’s modern, intuitive and flexible interface allows you to focus on what the data is telling you about the subsurface so that you can complete your own workflows.

The simple modular breakdown of IC™ ensures the collection of tools available to each user is fit-for-purpose and cost-effective.

IC Platform

IC Platform is designed to run with several different databases. Its flexibility allows data to be organised and stored according to individual requirements. Using basic maps, charts, reports, and utilities the integrity and quality of data can be quickly checked.  Database security is of paramount importance and several tools are available as standard to ensure sensitive data is protected. In addition to the standard ASCII and LAS file loaders, several data links are available to Petrel, IP, OpenWorks, Open Spirit, Stratabugs and Geolog6.

IC Geology

The powerful visualisation and interpretation features of IC are contained within the IC Geology module. All 2D geological display options, including mapping, interactive charting and visualisation of well data whilst maintaining direct links with the database are available.

In addition to the 2D displays, a 3D viewer which integrates seismic surfaces and wellpath data with your analysis and interpretation data is available. Template design, direct correlation and cross section building from a map are just some of the features included in this module.

The power at the centre of IC’s data integration capabilities lies with the flexible visual displays that can be produced. It is possible to add external raster images, maps, crossplots, text boxes, chart captions, key panels and heatmaps to existing Charts to build complex montage displays. A wide range of data montages can be produced quickly and easily with the option to export to PDF or image file. Live data links on charts allows data changes to be kept up to date without the need to manually update.

IC Stratigraphy 

The addition of IC Stratigraphy enhances the power of IC Geology with the addition of several stratigraphic tools. Stratigraphic schemes allow a hierarchical relationship to be applied to a project, and multiple schemes can be applied to a single project, for example both chronostratigraphic and lithostratigraphic. Age - depth relationships can be built and applied to charts which allows the data to be displayed in age rather than depth enabling the visual identification of unconformities and the differentiation between local and regional geological events.

IC Stratigraphy also enables the display of sequence stratigraphic triangles. Two display options are available which represent accommodation space or alternatively sediment supply.


The Reservoir Performance Module (RPM) is an optional plug in, designed to allow time variant data to be loaded and manipulated in IC. This means information such as daily production data can be captured, stored and presented for any display, showing days, months, or even years of productivity. RPM can extend the functionality of IC over the entire lifetime of a field from initial exploration through to development and final abandonment. Scripted synchronisation with RPM allows for daily data to be loaded automatically, granting access to the most recent data. RPM along with IC opens the door to a truly digital oil field.

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