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IP™ helps you determine the amount of hydrocarbons in your reservoir. It does this by calculating porosity and water saturation using well logging data. But IP™ is more than just petrophysics. It is also a tool for geologists and Reservoir Engineers who want to take control of their analysis and interpretation. IP™ is easy to learn so that you get going quickly, able to focus on accurate calculations that get the most out of your reservoir. IP™’s intuitive interface runs on robust algorithms and provides these benefits:

  • Diminished uncertainty in your interpretation
  • Fast results due to the ease of learning IP™
  • Flexibility so that you work the way you want to work 

Whether it's used for a single workflow on a single well, or as a complete solution for multi well projects, IP offers technical excellence at a competitive price.

IP modulesFast

We want you to get started with your interpretation instead of spending weeks or months learning the tool. To support your learning journey, we offer 24/7 support, public and bespoke in-house training courses. That’s why IP™ is easy to learn – and fast. With IP™, your workflows are efficient and reliable. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Interactive parameters that you can pick and adjust as you work
  • 3D visualisation allows you to identify and incorporate trends for geologic variability
  • Real-time handling of depth- and time-based WITSML data input
  • Automated interpretation updates


Calculating porosity and water saturation is the core task of a petrophysicist. IP™ is the best tool for these computations because it is mathematically the most accurate tool on the market. Our tool also provides everything you need for a complete, deterministic, multi-well, and interactive interpretation. IP™ Basic bundle is ideal for complex analysis such as:

  • Multi-mineral
  • Thin beds
  • Organic shales
  • NMR interpretation


The IP™ data storage model is versatile. This means you are not compelled to fit your data into a prescribed model. IP™ simply works with your data as it is. Most tasks can be performed in several ways, providing custom approaches to how your organisation might want to work. We are able to build customised IP™ installations e.g. ‘IP™ for Wellsite Geologists’, for reduced functionality. With IP™, you can stick to what you need and nothing more. Flexible solutions include:

  • Ability to write your own script with interactivity included
  • Several programming languages e.g. Fortran, Python. MatLab, C#, C++, Pascal and VB.net
  • Bespoke user apps and conversion of Loglans


IP™ contains workflows that are the cornerstone of analysis throughout your asset’s lifecycle. Our Geomechanics and Formation Evaluation workflows make IP™ your #1 complete, cost-effective solution. Beyond petrophysics, IP™ has a shared database with IC™, our collaborative tool for integrating and interpreting well data. Together, the tools provide workflows for:

  • Wellsite operations
  • Geologists & geophysicists
  • Stratigraphers
  • Reservoir engineers
  • Data managers
  • Remote use (for up to 30 days)

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