Iris logo blueIris is a project support and data management tool focused on offshore field developments. Offshore construction, survey and inspection data is collated centrally and securely hosted in the cloud. Data and information is accessible through a web mapping interface accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile web browser and can be viewed, interrogated and downloaded.

  • Two year track-record of supporting clients in planning their projects by seamlessly blending acquired legacy field data with a range of authoritative reference basemaps and updates from the field
  • Aids project managers with clear dashboards which can summarise operational, technical, health and safety and commercial project status
  • Provides advanced fleet management, vessel tracking and vessel passage planning features to provide real-time oversight of offshore operations.

Iris now includes support for pipeline and subsea structure survey and inspection data formats, live video streaming, including all common digital video project formats and deliverables, easily accessed and viewed through the web-map interface. Year on year inspection data is easily accessed and contrasted.

Project planning

Iris provides access to a wide range of UKCS, European and global datasets. Multiple layers of content relevant to offshore oil and gas and renewables developments and projects can be displayed. We can also add project-specific layers such as site boundaries or pipeline routes.

Currently Iris includes the following mapping databases:

  • UKHO Hydrographic (Admiralty) Charts (all scales)
  • UKCS soils and bedrock geology supplied by the UK British Geological Society (BGS)
  • UKCS and NW Europe licenses, fields and offshore surface and subsea infrastructure
  • Worldwide oilfield data including license areas, pipelines, wells and offshore structures
  • Global bathymetry
  • 3rd Party Basemapping from Open Street Map and Google.

Project management

Iris provides access to a comprehensive range of project performance indicators to provide a project manager visibility of offshore project status.

Dashboards can present data from daily reports and progress sheets to show operational, technical and even commercial performance aspects of the project using time series plots, pie charts and bar charts. Example parameters that may be used on projects are shown below:

  • Daily and aggregate time allocation against project codes
  • Daily and aggregate HSE statistics using pre-defined categories
  • Commercial progress and cost of the project to date with forecast of cost to completion based upon entered parameters and assumptions, including standby forecasts.
    • Project technical performance, e.g.
    • Pipeline and survey line kilometres laid / inspected
    • Number of boreholes completed

Vessel tracking

Iris is the ideal platform to remotely monitor and record real time vessel positions during offshore project activities.  Vessel positions can be displayed using Iris based upon updates from either AIS (Automatic Identification Service) transmissions, contractor transmissions or by use of deployed LR Vessel Trackers.

Iris vessel tracking features and functionality includes:

  • Real time recording and display of all tracked vessels
  • All vessel positions recorded and backed-up for future
  • Vessels shown in true project datum positions
  • Go To latest vessel position
  • Vessel positions displayed overlain on background and project mapping and field data
  • Actual vessel shapes may be displayed at small scales
  • Mouse hover to identify vessel name
  • Mouse-click query on vessel shape to expose metadata (ID, time, position, heading, speed
  • Replay of vessel positions during selected time periods
  • Select defined primary vessels or all vessels in range of a station or location
  • Alert issue if a tracked vessel enters a defined exclusion zone
  • Distance measurement and speed input tool to measure distance and estimate passage duration and time of arrival
  • Mouse hover co-ordinates in WGS84 and project datums

Data management

Our data management capability ensures that all of your expensively acquired survey and inspection data, charts, video and results, are always properly maintained and accessible through an intuitive single point of access.

The following types of survey & inspection data can be hosted:

  • Site Investigations
    • Geophysical survey data and charts
    • Multibeam and sidescan geotiffs
    • Seabed features and targets
    • Geotechnical, CPT, Vibrocore and boreholes with query
    • UXO survey data
  • Construction support
    • As-built surveys and charts
    • General visual inspections
    • Trenching surveys
    • Longitudinal profiles of pipelines, umbilicals and cables
    • Cross profiles of pipelines, umbilicals and cables
    • Rock dump surveys
  • Pipeline and asset inspection
    • General visual inspections
    • Pipeline video surveys (including 3 camera Visualsoft projects)
    • Pipeline acoustic surveys, events listings, and profiles
    • Scour survey data


  • All data is securely maintained
  • Data and information is easily shared among team members, partners and other authorised users as required
  • Data is presented within an intuitive web map with an extensive range of tools and features
  • Internal data management overhead is removed (particularly relevant to high volume video data)
  • Intuitive web map means that minimal training is required
  • No requirement to purchase and/or maintain software and licenses for multiple visualisation software

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