LashRight - ship container securing assessment software

Validating your container securing arrangements

LashRight is Lloyd’s Register’s dedicated container securing software. It calculates the forces acting in lashed and unlashed stacks on deck and validates the results against the requirements contained in Part 3 of Lloyd’s Register’s Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Ships.
LashRight quickly identifies areas which have failed the assessment, helping you make any necessary changes to container arrangement, weight distribution or lashing equipment. This helps ensure that you are complying with requirements and reduces the risk of containers being damaged or lost overboard.

Key features

  • Step-by-step wizards help you carry out analyses quickly and efficiently.
  • Calculations are performed in real time; changes are accommodated as you make them.
  • Results are calculated for pitching, rolling and combined conditions.
  • Multiple scenarios can be examined.
  • Covers industry standard containers and lashing equipment, or you can add your own specifications to the software’s library.

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