Optimise maintenance and asset performance

RTAMO™ - A proven solution that improves focus on critical systems and reduces planned maintenance

Lloyd's Register's Real Time Adaptive Maintenance Optimisation solution, RTAMO™, is a software enabled service which allows you to eliminate unnecessary maintenance tasks and reduce costs by 30%, helping you minimise backlogs and safely extend asset life.

RTMAO infographic - 632x617

RTAMO™ software is a cloud-based, web-enabled technology. Coupled with our engineering expertise it optimises maintenance of a wide range of asset families across both upstream and downstream operations. Its algorithms use facility specific commercial inputs, historical asset data from your Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and industry-standard data sets.

The output of which allows you to rationalise and focus maintenance efforts based on criticality, product price and total cost of ownership, cost of maintenance and consequences of failure.


  • Eliminate unnecessary maintenance activities
  • Reduce planned maintenance and extends maintenance intervals where justifiable
  • Demonstrate Safety Critical Elements (SCE's) performance
  • Improve production availability
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Demonstrate the required reliability
  • Reduce hours
  • Delivers almost immediate results and return on investment