RulesCalc Offshore

RulesCalc Offshore logo - 306x172RulesCalc Offshore software provides a simple solution to the complex task of assessing compliance on offshore assets.

RulesCalc Offshore software is a fresh approach to vessel design assessment that provides significant savings in design time and cost. It works hand in hand with Lloyd’s Registers updated Rules for Offshore Units. It is the most effective tool to ensure Rules compliance from the start of the design process to the point where plans are submitted for approval.

RulesCalc Offshore enables you to do the following:

  • Verify Rule compliance
  • Track down Rule failures
  • Rapidly identify areas of concern and the design modifications that might be required

Using RulesCalc Offshore, you can integrate the assessment within the design phase. This means that you will increase the efficiency of your design process and significantly reduce your workload.

It can be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with other design software packages, including Napa and Tribon.

If you would like more information about RulesCalc, please contact

Download the software using the links provided.

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