LR Seasafe

Stability tools for safer and more efficient assets

LR SEASAFE provides powerful, modern statutory compliance tools for design, operation and cargo planning. It enables you to verify the stability, longitudinal strength and other naval architectural aspects of all vessel types from passenger ships, heavy-lift vessels and FPSOs to offshore structures, semi-submersibles and jack-up rigs. The software is available as three products (LR SEASAFE Professional, LR SEASAFE Onboard and LR SEASAFE Fleet), making it suitable for use by designers and builders, consultants, shipowners, ship’s officers and fleet operators. It can also be fully customised to meet different users’ precise requirements.

Our strength and stability technology has evolved over more than 50 years. The LR SEASAFE system is built on the experience and strength of pioneering naval architecture software products, such as SIKOB, PLF and GStab. Our applications provide you with accurate and repeatable calculations, both on board and ashore, and since this technology is also used by major classification societies for statutory compliance checks, you can be confident in the robustness of the results.

LR SEASAFE Professional integrates seamlessly with leading naval architecture and design packages. As a specialist support tool, it ensures your designs comply with IMO and national regulations, and enables you to produce statutory trim and stability (T&S) booklets in a matter of days rather than months.

LR SEASAFE Onboard has IACS members’ general approval as a Type 3 loading computer, enabling you to comply with recent SOLAS loading instrument regulations that came into force on 1 January 2016 for existing vessels. LR SEASAFE Onboard is already compliant with the forthcoming ‘Type 4’ regulations, ensuring you have a solution both now and in the future.

LR SEASAFE Professional

LR SEASAFE Professional is a fully integrated CAD-type, graphics-driven naval architectural calculations package specifically created for the designer, naval architect consultant and shipbuilder. It helps you rapidly develop a 3D vessel model of the ship’s hull and compartments, from which you can run accurate, consistent and repeatable stability and longitudinal strength calculations.


LR SEASAFE Onboard provides a user-friendly interface for performing loading operations, stability and strength calculations and other compliance-related checks. It generates the same accurate, robust calculations as LR SEASAFE Professional, presented in a form tailor-made for captains and officers on board. The layout, contents and format of tables, diagrams and reports can be fully customised for any end- user requirements and saved within their user profile.


LR SEASAFE Fleet is a development of the LR SEASAFE Onboard package, and is specifically aimed at cargo planners and managers on shore. Using the same core software engine enables you to exchange data and loading conditions between the vessel and the office. You can also obtain historical or current loading on board data, allowing faster decision making, also in response to charterer enquiries.