ShipRight Fatigue Design Assessment

(Bulk carriers only)

The ShipRight Fatigue Design Assessment (FDA) software package enables you to apply our FDA Level 2 procedure to your ship. This provides a multi-level evaluation of the fatigue performance of structural details. Whether you are a designer, builder, repairer or ship operator, FDA will assist you in identifying critical locations. It can be applied at the initial design stage and during in-service maintenance, helping ensure fatigue durability throughout the ship’s life.

The experience we have gained from FDA and the research we have undertaken with leading industry organisations have helped to ensure high design standards on the latest generations of Lloyd’s Register classed bulk carriers and double hull tankers.

Key features

The smallest details of your design arrangements can be modelled and analysed rapidly using a simplified, first principles, spectral analysis method, incorporating:

  • standard joint configuration types including radii and welding details
  • ship voyage pattern and environmental loading
  • ship motions, global hull bending and local (non-linear) wave pressure loads.