Subchapter M

Simple compliance options with LR

Subchapter M brings new standards for towboat safety — and with new standards come new challenges. As a US Coast Guard (USCG) Recognized Organization (RO) as well as an approved Third-Party Organization (TPO) for the American waterways operators (AWO) responsible carrier program, LR can help you ensure that your path to compliance is smooth and efficient. We work with you to minimize operational disruption, achieve compliance, and maximize safety.

LR works in partnership with towboat owners and operators. We leverage our inland waterways experience in North America and beyond, as well as our proactive relationship with the USCG, to ensure that we are an industry leader in the Subchapter M market.

Our strategy is to understand your specific needs for Subchapter M, and then work with you to develop a realistic compliance plan that accounts for your needs and priorities.

Your plan might include:

  • Gap Analysis of your existing Safety Management Systems (SMSs)
  • SMS auditing throughout the life of your vessels
  • Third-party inspection
  • Training programs for internal inspectors
LR will support you in your efficient transition to Subchapter M compliance.

Navigating big changes

Whether you have one vessel or 100 vessels, our project management team can dedicate an exclusive project manager to optimize your fleet’s Subchapter M implementation, therefore minimizing the time and money required for compliance. We bring project management experience to ensure minimal operational disruption for your fleet.

We understand that a vessel might need to comply with additional requirements and standards beyond Subchapter M. When you want to maximize your company’s commitment to safety, we are with you and can help you to seamlessly integrate multiple standards and services, including:

Just ask us how we can help you achieve a simplified implementation program that incorporates all of your fleet standards.

Industry partnershipsMarine CFO logo

LR is proud to be working with leading marine technology provider MarineCFO, whose latest product, Vessel 365, provides an efficient, comprehensive and cost-effective solution to the specific requirements found under Subchapter M. MarineCFO also helps you to track certifications, licensing and other compliance-related records for your people ashore and crew onboard. In partnership with Incorporating extensive feedback from marine owners and operators, Vessel 365 meets the onboard record-keeping requirements of Subchapter M, with a user interface that offers both ease of setup and ease of use in an affordable subscription-based model.

MarineCFO will help you optimize your company’s resources when it comes to Subchapter M compliance.

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