Supply chain assurance for oil and gas

It is vital to engage fully with the supply chain to ensure that health and safety is properly managed throughout the duration of a contract. Contractors and subcontractors are increasingly being used for a wide range of complex activities from the operation of production installations, to the drilling of wells, to maintenance of plant and equipment.

Our supply chain assurance services help you with what can often be complex supply chains. We help you to overcome the challenges of projects spanning numerous countries and hundreds of suppliers, all of whom are required to meet legal obligations and quality expectations, by providing expert assistance across the entire supply chain, from engineering and design consulting to certification and verification. We also provide assurance and inspection services to help you manage and reduce project risk, delays and costs.

Our new vendor management framework is a global standard for the inspection and assurance of project and field development supply chains. It ensures we are able to effectively communicate inspection progress and findings on client projects, with online access delivering information in real time whenever it’s needed.

We can supply you with specialist services to manage your supply chain throughout the contractor management process:

  • Planning and scoping
  • Health, safety and environmental (HSE) risk assessment
  • Selection, tender and award
  • Pre-mobilisation and mobilisation
  • Execution
  • Demobilisation and review

Our services include:

  • Vendor appraisal
  • Pre-mobilisation rig and vessel audits
  • Regulatory compliance audits covering all aspects of quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) management
  • Reputational due-diligence audits
  • Contractor competence audits and review studies
  • Development of safety and environmental management system policies, procedures and contractor HSE interface documents


  • Reduce project risk
  • Reduce delays
  • Reduce cost
  • Ensure appropriate governance, consistency and visibility
  • Best practice supply chain assurance
  • Third party certification on equipment confirming compliance with project specifications
  • Track our supply chain assurance activities through online reporting tools