Survey and site investigation, electrical, engineering and commercial services

Recognising the potential hazards and engineering barriers is the foundation of your successful renewable energy project. We can help you ensure the site, geology, and electrical aspects are properly understood so the project meets all specifications, providing assistance from the initial resource assessment and geological studies to electrical grid connection.

We can help you solve commercial problems relating to energy asset development – such as resolving the trade-off between additional capital spend versus operational benefits. With our technical and commercial market knowledge, you can optimise and develop global market opportunities.

Integrating technical and commercial disciplines is one of the key factors in our successful track record of delivery. We also offer maximum expertise by retaining in-house skills common to all projects (commercial, electrical, survey, geological, geophysical, geotechnical, civils) and partnering for expertise specific to certain technologies.

Our specialist teams have assisted clients to connect generation projects by providing expert advice on all aspects of electrical networks, from initial feasibility studies and connection agreements to project design, project management and advice on the regulatory challenges. You will benefit from our knowledge and understanding of local networks, which has been gained from the successful connection and commissioning of wind, wave and tidal, natural gas, biomass, solar PV, solar thermal and distributed generation projects.

Our commercial advisory services include:

  • Project development and management
  • Project origination/identification
  • Project structuring, planning, feasibility, costing and return evaluation
  • Concept design and engineering
  • Construction and operating period contract negotiations
  • Consent and connection acquisition and management
  • Fund raising assistance

Our technical advisory services include:

  • Grid connection
  • Electrical design
  • Grid code compliance
  • Technical advisor/owner's engineer (solar and wind)
  • Modelling services
  • Survey and site investigation project management
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Survey engineering
  • Ground model development
  • GIS and WebGIS services
  • Measurement and modelling of site specific underwater noise propagation
  • Prediction of underwater noise from WT construction
  • Modelling and advice on underwater noise mitigation