Component integrity assessment

​​The challenge
In order to have confidence in the longevity of a vessel’s structure and machinery components, shipowners and operators need to monitor and understand their integrity and take any necessary preventive actions to avoid failure and the subsequent time and cost of repair.

Our solution
Our failure investigation experts perform on-board measurements to establish the stresses experienced by the ships structure and components. These measurements are collected and analysed in order to understand any long term causes of component failure. They can also be combined with computational models to identify any necessary remedial work.

A report detailing the findings and advice on preventative actions is provided. Further meetings with the client can be arranged to present the findings or to conduct a workshop to establish a solution with the client's input.

The features
Our engineering consultants use a combination of techniques to install strain gauges at selected locations in order to measure the primary size and direction of stress. Depending on the requirements, measurements are collected either on a short term or long term basis.

Typically the results are used for fatigue analysis to predict the remaining life of the structure or component. They can also be used to identify stress profiles that may result in damage (e.g. cracking, deterioration). Combining the measurement results with computational models allows us to establish any preventative actions that would reduce the risk of damage or failure.
The results can also be used for routine condition based monitoring or maintenance programming.