Technical troubleshooting for oil and gas

Our machinery dynamics and root cause analysis (RCA) services help you to avoid breakdown of machinery and identify potential failure risks by monitoring machinery for failure indicators and identifying root cause of failure to reduce down-time, reduce maintenance costs, prevent loss of production and failure and improve design and increase uptime.

Machinery dynamics

Our typical assignments involve:

  • Independent design verification of turbomachinery
  • Troubleshooting of machinery vibration problems
  • Condition monitoring support
  • Balancing of rotating machinery and tuning of vibration dampers
  • Dynamic analysis of machinery structures and foundations
  • Modal analysis and identification of operational deflection shapes
  • Pressure pulsation studies in piping
  • Fluid dynamic analyses of internal flow passages
  • Fatigue assessments
  • Fitness for service
  • Risk-based inspection and management

We also offer training courses on machinery dynamics of rotating equipment and machinery dynamics of main propulsion systems and auxiliary equipment.

Root cause analysis

Our RCA and accident/incident investigation instructors facilitate analytical and systematic techniques for determining root causes of accidents, incidents and failures and helping prevent recurrence.

Typically the identified root cause may be common to several other potential failures, and addressing the recommended actions from the RCA may help not only to eliminate recurrence of the specific failure but potentially other failures which had a common root as the one that occurred.


  • Identify cause of failure
  • Eliminate reoccurrence of failure
  • Reduce downtime
  • Prevent loss of production
  • Improve design
  • Increase uptime