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The Advanced rig electrician programme (AREP) forms the third and highest level of our electrical educational curriculum (introductory, intermediate and advanced) and is intended to raise knowledge of operations and electrical rig equipment to a specialist level.

Due to the in-depth nature of this International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) accredited programme, it is recommended as the next step for candidates who have successfully completed the Rig Electrical Programme (REP) and to all who want to broaden their knowledge of electrical equipment on drilling units.

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at:

  • Electricians who have completed our REP
  • Rig Electricians with several years experience
  • Electricians who have shown that they are capable of advancement, but require additional training
  • Senior Rig Electricians who move between different rig types
  • Electricians who are to be given additional equipment responsibilities


This programme is designed to:

  • Give Electricians with experience of drilling equipment and operations a chance to increase their knowledge of a wider range of maintenance activities
  • Allow trainees to carry out complex maintenance procedures, troubleshoot and run the electrical systems on the rig site in a safer manner and with confidence
  • Enable trainees to demonstrate the abilities required to become a senior member of rig electrical staff
  • Expose trainees to various types of equipment, operating procedures, compliance regulations, maintenance tasks and rig electrical operations
  • Provide candidates with sufficient knowledge of electrical equipment to support them in advancing from Rig Electrician to a more senior position

Programme Content

The programme contains an extensive overview of electrical equipment and issues associated with drilling units, among others:

  • Power management of generators
  • Elmagco brake systems
  • Instrumentation interface
  • Drive systems
  • Hazardous-area equipment selection and specification
  • Generic maintenance procedures
  • Fault analysis
  • Assistance required for the installation and upgrade of equipment


The 10-day programme is divided into two 5-day classroom sessions and consists of both theoretical and practical components. The candidates are required to complete tasks, assignments and exams to demonstrate competence in their chosen field.

The AREP forms a structured means of determining a trainee's ability to advance. Business case studies, system breakdown analyses and maintenance system tools are presented during the classroom sessions to ensure ongoing learning. Practical assignments, to be completed in the period between the two sessions, allow electricians to carry out specific electrical system reviews, conduct an in-depth examination of maintenance systems, and assess the impact of the electrical systems on rig operations.


Upon successful completion the AREP assignment and exams, candidates receive a certificate of completion which is accredited by the IADC.


10-day classroom session, divided into the following phases: a 5-day classroom session, followed by an of on-the-job work assignments and assessment, completed by a second 5-day classroom session.

Educational path

This is the final phase of the tri-level educational programme of the electrical discipline.

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