ISM/ISPS/MLC training combination options

The role of the internal auditor first appeared with the introduction of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. Since then, this role was expanded to include the implementation verification of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) Code requirements.

And, even though the ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006 does not formally require internal audits, many organisations have chosen to integrate the convention requirements into their internal audit and inspection processes.

Lloyd’s Register Marine Training Services offers various options to support ship-owners, operators and managers in this process through our comprehensive, completely self-contained training course options:

The above mentioned courses can be selected based on personal requirements and a combination selected that best suits the individual training need. Each chosen course within the combination will be complementary to the other courses but themselves will be completely self-contained and no prior knowledge of either the ISM and ISPS Code nor the ILO MLC 2006 are required.

The full list of scheduled dates can be found here. To book, please contact your local office or

Your company will benefit from having a team member who will be able to play an important part in ensuring the effectiveness and continual improvement of its integrated management system.

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