Machinery dynamics of propulsion systems and auxiliary equipment

OverviewConsulting - Training - Machinery turbine (663x320)

The course gives an introduction to the machinery dynamics of main propulsion systems and auxiliary equipment.

After introducing the relevant theory and concepts, emphasis will be on detailed case stories from our consultancy.

Upon completion you will...

  • be in a better position to participate in troubleshooting of machinery dynamic problems
  • understand the basics of machinery dynamics in order to evaluate basic machinery dynamic calculation results

Course content

  • Vibration measurements
  • Frequency analysis
  • Basic machinery dynamics
  • Modal analysis
  • Engine dynamics
  • Torsional vibration, the role of couplings, damping devices, tuned absorbers, etc.
  • Lateral vibration (including shaft whirling)
  • Introduction to advanced topics
  • Examples and exercises

Topics will be illustrated with numerous case studies.

Who should attend

Anyone who has a responsibility for acquiring, managing, operating or repairing propulsion systems and who wants to know a bit more about the dynamics and design basis of such systems.

There is no requirement for academic background, but it is underlined that some topics will be covered in depth. We believe that both someone with an academic background and someone with years of hands-on experience will benefit from attending.

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